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before/ after school program

Child Care- YMCA

Before and after school child care is provided at THE ONTARIO CENTER SCHOOL through the YMCA.  Hours are 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.  To register your child(ren), you may call (909) 987-0777.


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Please request an application from your school office.

Contact Information:



Days and Hours of Operation:


2:35 pm- 6:00 pm

About TOCS

The Ontario Center School

The school serves approximately 700 Students in grades Preppie kindergarten through fifth grade. The student population and community are both culturally and economically diverse. Our students and their families are welcomed by a highly talented and dedicated staff who strive to deliver the best possible education to all students with the California State Standards being the focus of all instruction and assessment. A variety of programs and services are offered to meet the different learning needs of the students. There is a focus on early intervention programs in order to support student success.

THE ONTARIO CENTER SCHOOL Mission Statement and Vision

Mission Statement:

Together, we empower all students to achieve excellence in learning.



  • collaborate
  • engage
  • involve
  • motivate
  • expect

That all students learn through the use of researched based strategies.

THE ONTARIO CENTER SCHOOL staff engages in PLC discussions where the specific needs of our students are addressed to help ensure higher levels of learning for all students.

Teachers at THE ONTARIO CENTER SCHOOL will provide multiple opportunities for students to learn and be prepared for college and career readiness.

At THE ONTARIO CENTER SCHOOL we hold ourselves accountable for mastery of higher levels of learning in our classrooms through the use of formative assessment data and research validated assessment tools.

Excellence at THE ONTARIO CENTER SCHOOL is the responsibility of all teachers, students, families and school administration.